Hi there, I'm Zivabelle, I was born as Ziv Arbel (everyone still call me that), but at some point I started signing my work as Zivabelle.
I'm an Illustrator and Designer, I draw stuff I love, I'm really into fashion, people and the way they meet.
I studied Visual communication in the "Bezalel" Academy in Jerusalem, Israel, Fashion in "Elisava" and Pattern Making in "FD Moda", both in Barcelona, Spain. I worked as a graphic designer as well as a fashion designer in Israel and Spain, Almost 3 years ago I started my own brand - SMOOF supply co. (bags and accessories brand) in Spain, I've also worked as a fabric buyer and a design assistance to head designer Antonio Miro for GROC (Barcelona based menswear brand), and then moved to Berlin.
Now, after traveling the world a bit (there is still so much planned ahead) and investigating myself and my art I came back to Jerusalem, and now I'm finally pursuing my dream of being an illustrator and an artist.
@zivabelle   /   ziggyob@gmail.com